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REGISTRATION: The Huron-Perth Lakers have created and maintained one of the most affordable AAA Hockey Program in Ontario. We have taken great pride in this fact. The Lakers also provide an opportunity for every Laker Family to generate fundraising revenue to cover much of the organizational costs if they wish to do so. Paying for Laker Hockey is also flexible. Registration can be paid either in full or in the form of monthly payments (5) post-dated cheques.

Your registration fee provides you with the following Laker Hockey Program:

Top Quality Coaching
Eight 90 minute practices each month
Elite Fitness & Nutrition Program
30-32 League Games
6-20 Post Season games
No Gate Fees
Two pairs of Game Socks
Property of HPL Hockey T-Shirt
Individual & Team Photos
Alliance/Hockey Canada Fees
Hardworking & Committed Executive.

FUNDRAISING: The Huron-Perth Lakers are the only Minor Hockey Association which gives families the opportunity to recover much of organizational costs through optional fundraising activities. It is a facet of our program that we take great pride in as “AAA” hockey should be available to everyone.

EQUIPMENT: Laker game sweaters, practice sweaters, water bottles and game socks will be provided by the organization. Black helmets and Lakers Hockey Pants are mandatory. We also recommend that your next purchase of hockey gloves be Black. The only exception will be goaltenders' equipment.

CLOTHING: Lakers branded clothing and Lakers branded products are proudly worn or used by our players and their families. These Lakers Gear items are in high demand and will be on display and available for purchase at numerous events throughout the season. The Lakers also provide an opportunity for players and families to see and purchase Lakers Gear items prior to the beginning of the season. This is usually coordinated with Laker Team Events.

FITNESS, NUTRITION & OFF-ICE CONDITIONING: The Huron-Perth Lakers continue to develop their off-ice program to complement their on-ice program. This year, the Lakers will be provide a comprehensive off-ice program with a range of potential modules tailored to each age group including sports fitness, goal-setting, sports nutrition, and other aspects of off-ice conditioning. We are very pleased to continue to assist our players as they adopt the necessary fitness routines and lifestyle choices required to compete at the highest level.

When is the time for my child to play AAA hockey ??
If you can honestly say that your child is clearly one of the top skilled players currently on their Home Centre team, then truthfully answer the following:

Ask Yourself If You Would Say “No” To These 3 Questions…
Is my child challenged to give 100% effort in their practices by their coaches and team-mates?
Is my child challenged to give 100% in their games by their coaches, team mates and opposition?
Is my child learning necessary team skills? (or are they and a few others carrying the team)

Then Ask Yourself If You Would Say “Yes” To These 3 Questions…
Does my child have the passion and commitment for the game of hockey?
Do I want my child to be involved with a hockey program that is focused on excellence? Do I want to surround my child with team mates who share the same skill, passion and commitment?

Then Ask Yourself One More Question…
If you lived in a large urban centre which had a House League program, an “A” Team, a “AA” Team and a “AAA” Team and your child was clearly good enough to play on the “AAA” Team...

Which team would your child play on?

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