2022-23 - Rowan's Law Acknowledgement (Huron Perth Lakers)


2022-23 - Rowan's Law Acknowledgement
All parents must review this information with their child as part of the registration process. Coaches, Trainers & Managers must also acknowledge they have reviewed this form when registering for their positions. If you have multiple children playing in the Huron Perth Lakers organization, you must complete separate acknowledgement forms for each child.

Participant Information

Ontario Hockey Federation Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form

The Ontario Government has enacted Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018, S.O. 2018, c. 1 (“Act”). Ontario Regulation 161/19, the Act requires all sport organizations as defined in the Regulation (“Sports Organization”), which includes the Ontario Hockey Federation (“OHF”), to have a Concussion Code of Conduct. This Concussion Code of Conduct must require participants, as set out in the Act, to review the Ontario Government’sissued Concussion Awareness Resources on an annual basis. A participant is subject to a Concussion Code of Conduct for each Sports Organization a participant registers with.

Applicable age appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources are located at www.ontario.ca/concussions. The OHF Concussion Code of Conduct and the appropriate Concussion Awareness Resources must be reviewed before you can register/participate in the OHF.

Review the OHF Concussion Code of Conduct here: OHF_Concussion_Code_of_Conduct

If you would like to have a record of your review of the concussion awareness resources, you can complete this form and keep it as a receipt to remind you of the date on which you reviewed it.