Mission & Vision (Huron Perth Lakers)


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Huron Perth Lakers
Mission Statement

The Huron-Perth Lakers exist to serve the following purpose:

  1. To promote and develop organized amateur hockey programs for young athletes within the Huron-Perth Lakers organization, including the development of representative teams with high levels of competency;

  2. To develop good character among all members by promoting and teaching the importance of physical competition, physical activity, sportsmanship, inter-community understanding, and the fair treatment of others. There shall be no place in the Huron-Perth Lakers organization for discriminatory behavior concerning race, place of origin, family circumstances, gender, or creed;

  3. To protect and serve the mutual interests of all its members;

  4. To recognize the importance of local, community-based programs and to encourage a strong sense of community pride and participation;

  5. To represent the interests of its members at the Provincial and National levels;

  6. To work with Provincial and National hockey associations to promote cooperative development of hockey programs and their effective administration;

  7. To enhance the value of the program by providing leadership initiatives to develop players, coaches, officials, and local volunteers;

  8. To provide opportunities for all players to participate at a level appropriate to their degree of skill or interest; and

  9. To ensure the enforcement of the sport's rules adopted by the Huron-Perth Lakers and other affiliated bodies.