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Dec 20, 2007 | Goetz | 1546 views
Dear Santa
Dear Santa,
I have been good this year. I have listened to my parents, been supportive and encouraging with my teammates and friends, and have worked diligently on my studies and sports. All I want for Christmas is...

  1. The STRENGTH to be a leader, not a follower. To stand up for what's right and to speak against what is wrong. To be able to identify and do the right thing, not necessarily the popular thing.
  2. The INSIGHT to know that my actions and interactions define who I am and how I am seen. I know we all have an idea in our head of who we are but do our actions reflect how we see ourselves and how we would like to be seen?
  3. The BALANCE to be able to invest the time necessary to be successful in my studies and my sports while still scheduling time for friends and family.
  4. The UNDERSTANDING that I will face adversity and how I respond to it will define who I become. A positive attitude and unbeatable work ethic will ensure I am doing all that I can to climb over my obstacles.
  5. The COMPASSION to be supportive of teammates, family and friends when they are down or going through a rough period.
  6. The DILIGENCE to be able to continue with my plan to reach my goals, and ultimately my dreams. 
  7. The REFLECTIVENESS to constantly self evaluate my performance, interactions and actions, and to take steps toward self improvement every shift, every conversation and every interaction.
  8. The COMPOSURE to be in control of my emotions regardless of what is thrown at me. I want to remain composed regardless of the situation since that is true strength of character.
  9. The INTENSITY that is required to excel in my sport as that indicates my commitment to my goals and dreams.
  10. The FOCUS that will be required for me to excel in my life pursuits. I recognize that if I do all that I do with maximum focus, I will maximize the benefits and my personal development.
  11. The APPRECIATION that not everything is in my control. I need to focus on the things within my sphere of control and not worry about the things outside my sphere of control. 
  12. The CONFIDENCE to know that I am capable of achieving my dreams and goals regardless of who tells me I can't.
  13. The INTELLIGENCE for me to know what I have to do to realize my dreams and to be able to put an effective plan in place to get there.
  14. The FORTITUDE to be able to put aside those short term temptations and continue with my plan to realize my dreams.
  15. To CARE AND LOVE and be be able to extend it and welcome it and know that it is unconditional and makes me stronger.
  16. The PASSION to never become complacent and never to settle for just enough. To always strive for as much as I can give. To not let my opponent determine my level of performance. To be internally driven to maximize my growth.
Santa, I understand that I ask for a lot, but I don't ask it just for me. My parents and siblings give so much for me to pursue my dreams. My dreams take up a tremendous amount of my family's resources and I always want to show my family and team how much I appreciate them. These tools are better than any material gift I could ever get as I can use them forever... However if you still had room in your sled, a new pair of Vapour XXXX's and a new WARRIOR KRONIK sure would be nice! Thanks Santa.

Sincerely Yours,
A Hardworking Lakers Player
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