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Mar 24, 2009 | cmetzger | 1637 views
Next Testing Session Being Held in St. Marys on May 16th
Lakers Skills Development Consultant Andy Paquette and his PowerTech Hockey Group are bringing Next Testing to St. Marys on May 16th to give players the opportunity to participate in this evaluation system through the Next Testing Skating Combine.

The Next Testing Skating Combine uses 70 individual measurements taken from 14 on-ice tests to break a player's game down into its essential components: skating, puck handling, and reaction time. The testing equipment results in real world, objective measures that remove subjectivity from the testing process. The result, a player's Next Testing Index (NTI), is a 1,000 point scale created to score skating performance in key hockey specific components. Multiple elements from each of the 14 tests derived and weighted in a proprietary formula create an overall NTI score. From there a player, scout or coach can dig deeper into the individual components of the test to see what parts helped or hindered that overall score. For example, a player may have exceptional speed, but need to work on reaction time or agility may be through the roof, but acceleration an opportunity to improve.

For the first time, this advanced testing program is coming to our area. PowerTeach Hockey Group is offering it on Saturday, May 16th in St. Marys. Costs are $110 per player or $1,350 per team (min. 15, max. 20 players). Pre-registration is required and can be done by contacting PowerTech at 519-948-0050.

The Lakers Executive has discussed Next Testing and is encouraging those interested in an objective assessment of their skills to participate in the testing. For those who do decide to participate, the Executive is interested hearing your thoughts on the program. Feel free to contact an Executive member to let us know.

To download the poster for the May 16th event, click on the PowerTech logo below:


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