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Huron-Perth Lakers AAA Hockey Association

2023/24 AAA Hockey Registration



2023/24 AAA Tryout Fees

U10 (2014) – U11 (2013)

Price: $50.00

U12 (2012) – U16 (2008)

Standard Price: $100.00

Online Registration Link

Tryout Information Package

General Tryout Information

  • Tryout Fees must be paid in advance, or the player will not be permitted to participate.
  • Payment methods accepted are by credit card only  (Visa or Mastercard).
  • Our payment platform uses a fully encrypted authentication service.
  • Huron-Perth Lakers will accept walk-ins; however, you will be required to register prior and pay online.
  • Tryout fees are non-refundable or transferrable once processed.
  • Players registered prior to the first skate are entitled to three (3) evaluation hours.
  • One hour of ice is considered one (1) evaluation (3 hours total)
  • Any player registered after the first tryout date may be released after a minimum of 1 skate.

Required Documentation

All players tryout out for the Huron-Perth Lakers must provide one of the following documents to be permitted on the ice.

1. Permission to Tryout Form

Any player from the Huron-Perth Lakers AAA zone wishing to participate in AAA tryouts must obtain a Permission to Tryout Form from their local home center.

23-24 - Alliance PTS Form
23-24 - OMHA PTS Form

Please ensure that your Permission to Tryout Form is filled out completely and signed by your home center. This signed form must be presented before your first tryout, or you will not be permitted on the ice.

**This is also mandatory for players returning to the Huron-Perth Lakers Hockey Association from last season**

2. OHF AAA F1 Waiver

Any non-resident players wishing to participate in AAA tryouts must present an OHF AAA F1 Waiver. Players can obtain a waiver from their local AAA home center. The waiver must be presented to the registration desk at your first tryout to be permitted on the ice. To request an OHF AAA F1 Waiver from Huron-Perth, please visit the following link:

Huron-Perth Waiver Policy

The Huron-Perth Lakers have a "No-Release" policy for players within the Huron-Perth Lakers zone. However, certain conditions do apply for requesting an OHF AAA F1 Waiver , which includes:

  • The player has registered, paid, and attended at least one (1) scheduled tryout;
  • The Head Coach has formerly released the player from the team;
  • The player has not been offered a roster spot after the 4th day of tryouts.

Player Movement

A player who registers with a Minor Division Team in the previous season will have the option of remaining with the Club the Player Registered within that previous season, or the Player may return to their residential AAA Club/Zone.

  • Players must be released back to their residential AAA Club/Zone at the end of each full Division, up to and including U12. 
  • Players U14 level and above will have the option to remain with their previously registered AAA Club/Zone or return to their home AAA Club/Zone to tryout.

U18 Program (2007-06)

For information regarding the U18 (2007-06) program and tryouts please follow the team page below:

23-24 - U18 (2007-06) Team Portal


If you have any questions or require assistance completing any of the required forms, please contact the Huron-Perth Lakers Registrar directly using the contact information below.

Jill Kerslake
Huron-Perth Lakers Registrar
[email protected]