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Mar 18, 2009 | Goetz | 1932 views
Memorable Season For Major Peewees
The upcoming banquet requires the coaches to list 3 highlights of the season. Having a record of  41-19-11, winning the Eastern Division of the Alliance (a first for this team), having been crowned tournament champions in Oshawa and tournament finalists in Burlington following a triple overtime win in the semi's the list seemed to be very straightforward and that is what I submitted. My memories of this season however will not focus on those accomplishments...

We started our season again with with a five day camp, 20 hrs of ice, daily gym time, swimming and off ice workouts. It was an intensive start to the season with several great games of Bordenball to close out the days. The off-ice workouts were intense and self directed, animal workouts that describe both the movements and the attitude the athletes brought to them. Tons of food, generously prepared by several moms. I will always remember the camp.

I have always tried to develop a competitive and aggressive instinct in the athletes through our practices. These athletes took to it like fish to water, I will always remember our practices as being the most fun, not because they were easy but because they competed hard and grew as athletes.

I just read an excellent book called "All The Best" which interviews 9 top hockey players from Sidney Crosby to Hailey Wickenheiser, and each and every one of them have expressed that their most success has come when their teams had great dressing rooms. Our room was terrific, this stemmed from great athletes that made everyone feel welcome when they walked through the door. There were no cliques, no bullying and no blaming. There was, however, a lot of fun and this transcended into a great environment on the ice. In all likelihood this was the most instrumental contributor to our success. I will always remember how great a group of kids this is.

It took a little time to develop, but once the kids learned the systems and provided the other critical component, intensity, we were rarely outworked and our success in our last 25-30 games was astounding. Having a group of athletes do what you ask of them and more game in and out so consistently will always be remembered by me. It is what every coach strives for and this year I was fortunate to realize it.

Friendships, there was of course the odd few bumps that coaches have over the course as we are all very protective of our children. I did, however, strike some friendships that will last a lifetime. One requirement for team success is coaching staff unity. I was privileged to be a part of a very supportive group of coaches, some that slipped in and out for various reasons but all were supportive and contributed greatly to the team's success. Special thanks to Mike Carter, Richard Templeman, Jeff Peters, Rob Boyes, Gerard Ryan, Brian Tenpas and Greg Thomas.

It is impossible to think of a parent that did not contribute but a special thanks to the Tracy/Marg duo for all of the thankless work you did over the course of the season and thanks to Darren for fielding the complaints.

It was an extremely memorable season. I look forward to watching these exceptional athletes develop and succeed for many years to come.  Todd