Minor Bantam, 2008-09 (Huron Perth Lakers)


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    Fri, Sep 12

    Sat, Sep 13

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    Sept. 12 - 14, 2008
    Don Beer Arena (Pickering) and the Ajax Community Centre Complex

    4 Games guaranteed. No Gate Fee.

    Tournament Schedule

    Tournament Standings
    Tournament standings are available by clicking here.

    Tournament Rules
    1. Referee's decision is final.
    2. No protests allowed.
    3. Two majors incurred during the tournament will result in a suspension from the tournament.
    4. All OMHA rules will apply. Suspensions will be as per OMHA/OHF Suspension List. Suspensions will be served
    in the next tournament games(s). If the entire suspension has not be served then it will carry over after the tournament. A report of carry-over suspensions will be filed with your govering body. A Match penalty will result in an immediate suspension from the tournament.
    5. All teams must register at the Tournament Office at Don Beer Arena prior to the first game.
    6. Be prepared to start your games 15 minutes early.
    7. Games will consist of periods of 10/15/15 in all divisions - 4 games guaranteed.
    8. If there is a 5 goal spread or greater in the 3rd period of Round Robin games, the clock will be allowed to run. If the spread becomes less than 5 goals, the clock will revert to stop time.
    9. Ties count in Round Robin play.
    10. Ties in Round Robin Standings will be broken as follows: 
                        1) Best Plus/Minus 
                        2) Fewest Goals Against 
                        3) Most Goals For 
                        4) Fewest Penalty Minutes
    11. Overtime in 1/4 Finals &/or Semi-Finals will consist of one (1) 5-minute Sudden Death period. If still tied: 1-minute 4 skaters, 1-minute 3 skaters, 1 minute 2 skaters, 1 minute 1 skater. Rotation to start over until a winner.
    12. Overtime in Finals will consist of one(1) 10-minute Sudden Death period. If still tied: 1-minute 4 skaters, 1-minute 3 skaters, 1 minute 2 skaters, 1 minute 1 skater. Rotation to start over until a winner.
    13. Penalties in overtime (with 3 skaters or less) Revert to 4 on 3 until expiry stoppage following penalty. Then resume with amount of skaters that were on the ice prior to penalty.
    14. One 30 second time-out per game per team in semis and finals only.
    15. Floods: Every two periods. Games where no floods are occurring will start right away. In order to avoid delays in starting, the clock will be set to include a 3-minute warm up and will not stop until the first stoppage of play. The horn will sound after two minutes of warm up. You then have one minute to be ready. If delayed you will be losing part of your first period. Thus, it is vital to get pucks off the ice quickly and shake hands. The clock will start with 13 minutes and begin running when both teams arrive on ice. The horn will sound with 11 minutes remaining and then the clock will not stop until the first stoppage of play.

  • Recap
    Lakers vs Clarington Toros
    The Lakers Minor Bantam team opened their participation in the tournament against the Clarington Toros early on the Friday morning. The Lakers fell behind 1-0 in the first period but bounced back in the second period to take a 2-1 lead before Clarington was able to tie it up on the power play. The third period saw the close play continue between these two evenly matched teams. Clarington scored the go ahead goal in the second half of the 3rd. The Lakers then ran immediately into some penalty trouble. Clarington was able to score an insurance goal mere seconds after a Lakers penalty had ended and went on to win the game 4-2.

    Lakers vs Grey-Bruce Highlanders
    The Lakers second game was later in the evening against the Grey-Bruce Highlanders. The Lakers had faced the Highlanders in exhibition play a few weeks earlier and settled for a 4-4 tie. The Lakers showed a lot of jump as they dominated the first period, scoring the only goal of the period with less than a minute to go (and short-handed at that).

    The second period picked up right where the first period had ended as the Lakers scored within the first minute to go ahead 2-0. The Lakers added another goal a few minutes later to establish what seemed a comfortable 3-0 lead. A minute later, however, the Highlanders finally got on the scoreboard with their first goal. The Lakers added a power play goal with just a few minutes to go in the period to restore their 3 goal lead. The Highlanders responded with their own power play goal less than 20 seconds later and then added another goal a minute or so after that to shave the Lakers lead to 4-3 after two periods.

    There’d clearly been a momentum shift during the second and into the third period as the Highlanders came on stronger in the last half of the game while the Lakers saw their team play struggle as they repeated gave up the puck and got into penalty trouble. The Highlanders would tie the game on the power play. With four minutes to go in the game, the Highlanders would score the go ahead goal and a game the Lakers looked like they'd win easily in the first period and most of the second period, were now in danger of losing. In the final minute of the period, the Lakers pulled their goalie in an attempt to get the equalizer. Unfortunately, it was the Highlanders who would score – an empty net goal to go ahead 6-4. The Lakers didn’t quit and were able to score a goal with just 23 seconds left but still lost the game 6-5. The realization that the team had let the game slip away from themselves was a hard but important lesson to learn.

    Lakers vs Ajax-Pickering Raiders
    After a good night’s rest and with lots of time before the Lakers' third game, scheduled for late in the afternoon on Saturday, the Lakers coaching staff took advantage of the time to have a team meeting with the boys. The team knew they were in for a tough game as they’d be facing the host team, the Ajax-Pickering Raiders, who had been tearing up the competition (defeating Oshawa 4-2, Grey-Bruce 8-2, and Clarington 7-1). The Lakers would also be short 3 players due to suspensions.

    The Lakers came out flying in the first period and were all that the Raiders could handle. With 2 minutes remaining in the first period the Raiders got in penalty trouble and the Lakers took full advantage of it by scoring the lone goal of the period. The second period saw the Lakers take a couple penalties but there were able to kill them off and the second period ended with the Lakers still leading 1-0. After a flood between the second and third periods, the Lakers came storming out again and scored in the first minute of the 3rd period to go ahead 2-0. The Lakers weren’t finished yet as two minutes later they scored again to go up 3-0 on the Raiders. However, missing a few players started to take its toll and by halfway through the 3rd period it was clear that the Lakers were running out of gas. The Raiders were desperate to get back into the game and pushed hard at the Lakers. The Lakers withstood the pressure and only gave up one goal to defeat Ajax-Pickering 3-1. The next day, Ajax-Pickering would advance all the way to the tournament finals only to lose 3-1 to the Hamilton Bulldogs.

    Lakers vs Oshawa Generals
    The Lakers fourth game was late Saturday night against the Oshawa Generals. Both teams were held off the scoresheet in the first period. Oshawa was first on the scoreboard thanks to a power play in the second period. Oshawa was able to follow it up with another goal before the period was over. In the third period, Oshawa continued to press and was able to add two more goals before the Lakers replied with their lone goal in reply with less than a minute to go in the game – final score: 4-1 for Oshawa.

    Although the Lakers didn’t advance beyond round robin play, they came away from the tournament knowing that they could have won the two games they played on Friday and that they could play as well as the teams that made it to the tournament finals when they get it together.

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    Sat, Oct 11

    Sun, Oct 12

  • About

    23rd Annual Tim Horton’s
    Hamilton International Invitational “AAA” Hockey Tournament
    Hamilton, Ontario
    October 10-13, 2008

    - Each team is guaranteed four (4) games in round robin format
    - Player & Team Awards
    - Game lengths: Minor Bantam 10-10-15
    - Gate fees are not included in the tournament entry fee.

    Gate Fees:
    There is a gate fee for admission to the tournament. Weekend tournament passes are available to purchase ($20/weekend) or spectators may pay a daily admission fee ($10/day).
    There will be coaches passes handed out at the time of registration. Each team will be given a maximum of 5 passes—no exceptions.


     Divison A

    Division B

    Division C

     Hamilton Reps Grosse Pointe Bulldogs      Huron-Perth Lakers 
     Wheatfield Blades  Syracuse Stars St. Catharines Jr Falcons
     Burlington Eagles  Brantford 99ers Ajax-Pickering Raiders
     Central Ontario Wolves      Hamilton Jr Bulldogs  Sudbury Wolves 
     Toronto Jr. Canadiens  Oakville Rangers Ohio AAA Blue Jackets


    Tournament Rules:
    1. Prior to a team's first game of the tournament, team managers must report to the tournament officials with cards/rosters, players' and coaching staffs', and must submit a team list of not more than 19 players (20 players for Major Midget teams) eligible to play in the tournament. All affiliated players (AP's), with proper cards/rosters, must also be declared at this time. Only players whose names appear on these lists will be eligible to compete in the tournament. Teams may dress a maximum of 19 players (20 players for Major Midget teams) for a game of which two (2) must be goalkeepers.

    2. Team managers must report to the tournament officials at the arena one (1) hour prior to game time.

    3. Team managers must report to the tournament officials with the completed game sheet prior to each game.

    4. CANADIAN PLAYERS. Only players signed and approved on Hockey Canada cards/rosters will be eligible to play in the tournament. Only players that can produce their Hockey Canada cards/rosters to the tournament officials are eligible to play in the tournament. Note: Players cards/rosters must be original. Certified photocopies for affiliated players only. Canadian teams must provide a travel permit from their particular branch of Hockey Canada that they are registered with.

    5. Games starting times must remain flexible in that they may have to be moved forward or back as circumstances dictate. Please note that teams must be ready to go on the ice up to 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. Failure to comply may result in a 2-minute bench penalty being assessed to the offending team(s).

    6. All games will consist of three (3) stoptime periods: 
        Minor Atom-Minor Bantam (9-13 yrs), inclusive, 10-10-15 
        Major Bantam (14 yrs), 10-15-15 
        Minor Midget & Major Midget (15-17 yrs), 15-15-flood-15.
    For Minor & Major Midget games, flooding will take place between the 2nd and 3rd periods EXCEPT for games at Chedoke Blue & Green where they will flood every two periods.
    Game lengths for semi-finals and championship games will be the same as above for the respective age divisions.
    Time outs are not permitted in any games.

    7. *Overtime will only be used in the semi-finals and championship games as follows:

    10 minutes sudden victory - if game still tied at the end of 10 minutes, the buzzer will sound and one player from each team will be removed from the ice. Play will resume with a face-off at centre ice for 5 minutes, sudden victory. (players in the penalty box will remain there for the duration of their penalty). If the game is still tied at the end of 5 minutes, the buzzer will sound and a shootout will take place. Two 5-man teams will line up back-to-back facing the opposing goalie and upon the signal from the referee, the 1st shooter of each team will begin the shootout simultaneously, tallying the score at the end of the shootout. If the teams are still tied, rotation resumes (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1) with a sudden victory, one-on-one, individual shootout with the player from each team still standing back-to-back and shooting simultaneously.

    *Prior to all semi-finals and championship games, each team must select 5 players plus 3 alternates who would be the shooters in a shootout. These 5 players plus 3 alternates must be noted on the game sheet prior to the start of the game.

    8. In the event of a tie in the Standings, the following tie breaking rules will be used:

    (a) 2 team tie:
    1. team with most wins
    2. if the teams played each other, the winner of that game advances
    3. highest % when total goals for plus total goals against - divided INTO goals for. (i.e. GF (12) + GA (9) = 21 total. (GF + GA) 21 divided INTO (GF) 12 = 0.5714). Team with highest % advances.
    4. fewest goals against
    5. most goals for
    6. team with least penalty minutes
    7. coin toss

    (b) 3 or more teams tied - start with rule (a) 3.

    9. Teams should bring two (2) sets of sweaters. Designated HOME team will wear "white” sweaters. Designated VISITOR team will wear "dark” sweaters.

    10. No one is allowed on the ice until the ice maintenance staff is off and the doors closed.

    11. All games will be played under HOCKEY CANADA/OHF rules and regulations.

    12. Teams will not play with a “red” line during all tournament games.

    13. Body checking is not permitted in the Minor Atom and Atom divisions.

    14. Protests must be submitted, in writing, no later than one hour after game finish.

    15. All decisions by the Tournament Executive will be final.

    16. Teams will be responsible for any damage to dressing rooms and other arena facilities. Report any damage to a tournament official before using the assigned dressing rooms. It will be the individual team's responsibility to insure that the dressing room doors are locked.

    17. The tournament accepts no responsibility for loss or theft from dressing rooms.

  • Recap
    The Lakers Minor Bantams traveled to Hamilton on the Thanksgiving weekend to participate in the 23rd annual Tim Hortons International Invitational Tournament.

    The Lakers first game was against Ajax-Pickering on Saturday morning. In mid-September, the Lakers handily beat the Raiders 3-1 at the Ajax-Pickering tourney. This game was much different. A combination of undisciplined play and a strong Ajax powerplay resulted in a 3-0 loss. In total, the Lakers received twenty minutes in penalties and allowed all three goals on the power play. Positively, Joe Metzger was outstanding in net, stopping 35 of 38 shots.

    The Lakers did not have much time to rest before facing the highly ranked Sudbury Wolves. With a shuffled lineup, the boys started slow against the talented Wolves. After the first, the Lakers were down 1-0 and outshot 10-2. The game turned with some excellent saves by rookie goalie Graeme Lauersen. Early in the 2nd, Jared Zufelt connected on a nice feed from Greg Williams. Shortly after, Iain Donnelly rocketed in a shot to make it 2-1.  Jayden Landry and PJ Conlon assisted. Early in the 3rd, Sudbury tied the game on the powerplay. Not deterred, the Lakers increased the pressure and dominated the third. The continuous pressure paid off as Zufelt raced away in the last minute scoring on a breakaway after a clever pass from Mike Siddall. The Lakers outshot the Wolves 19-9 in the last two periods and came away with some new found confidence.

    On Sunday morning, the Lakers faced the undefeated Ohio Blue Jackets. The Lakers started strong and carried the play in the 1st period. The Jackets opened the scoring early in the second to take a 1-0 lead. The game continued with fast end to end action. Late in the 2nd, Siddall scored on a powerplay from Braydon Blight and Donnelly. The 3rd period featured seven goals. Unfortunately, the Lakers were on the short end, scoring three to the Jackets four. 3rd period goals were scored by PJ Conlon, Carter Strachan and Zufelt. Blight, Drew Wood, Mathew McCracken, Landry and Williams picked up assists. The final was 5-4 for Ohio. For the goal challenged Lakers, the offensive display was very welcomed. 

    In the 4th game, the Lakers faced the St. Catherines Falcons needing a win for a shot at advancing to the semi-final. Both teams came out aggressive and exchanged good scoring chances. Greg Orr, playing forward, was robbed by the Falcons goalie early in the first. The Lakers old nemesis, the penalty box, turned momentum in favor of the quick Falcons. The Falcons scored midway through the 1st and added insurance goals in the 2nd and 3rd to take the game 3-0. Despite a heroic effort from Brett Stacey who was playing with an injured groin, the remaining Lakers played a passive 2nd half of the game and let the Falcons dominate along the boards.

    Overall, it was a very positive tournament for the Minor Bantams. When disciplined and out of the penalty box, they competed and excelled against some very tough opponents. Most impressively, the defence of Blight, Carter Simpson, Strachan, Mackinley O'Keefe and Donnelly were excellent in defensive zone coverage and on the breakout. The offense showed they can score against some of the toughest teams in North America. As usual, the goalie tandem of Metzger and Lauersen was outstanding.
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    Fri, Oct 31

    Sat, Nov 01

  • About

    Tournament Trip Pics:
    A slide show of pictures from the tournament trip is available by clicking here.

    Tournament Format:
    56 Total Teams. One Division of 24 teams in the “Bauer” AAA Division and 32 teams in the “Nike” AAA Division.

    The BAUER DIVISION (24 teams) will comprise of 4 brackets of 6 teams each. Three (3) teams will crossover and play 3 teams in their own bracket once (3 games). At the conclusion of round robin play, teams will be ranked one through six. The top four (4) in each bracket (16 teams) after the round robin will advance to the sweet sixteen, quarter final, semi final and championship round. Teams finishing 5th or 6th in their bracket will play a fourth and final game with a similar finisher in a different bracket.

    The NIKE DIVISION (32 teams) will comprise of 8 brackets of 4 teams each. Teams will play each team in their bracket once (3 games). The top two teams in each division (16 teams) after the round robin will advance to the sweet sixteen, quarter final, semi final and championship round. Teams finishing 3rd or 4th in their bracket will play a fourth and final game with a similar finisher in a different bracket.

    All games will be run under Stop Time. Game length will be as follows: 
            Round Robin Games & Sweet Sixteen Games - 15-15-15 minute periods 
            Quarter, and Semi-Finals - 11-11-11 minute periods 
            Championship Games - 15-15-15 minute periods

    Almost every team will play 2 games on Friday, and 2 games on Saturday. The sweet sixteen will begin Saturday afternoon and evening. All quarter, semi and championship games are on Sunday, and are always over at the latest 4:30 pm. You will play games on Sunday, if you qualify for the playoffs, starting at 7:00 am. 

    Bantam Minor 95's - BAUER

    A1. Guelph Storm, ONT   B1. Valley Jr Warriors, MA    C1. Michigan Outlaws, MI   D1. Seattle Admirals, WA
    A2. Ohio Jr. Blue Jackets, OH   B2. Milwaukee Jr Admirals, WI    C2. Cleveland Barons, OH    D2. Affton Americans, MO 
    A3. Florida Jr Panthers, FL     B3. TPH Thunder, TN   C3. Green Bay Gamblers, WI   D3. Northern Cyclones, MA 
    A4. Grand Rapids Griffins, MI   B4. Russel Stover, MO   C4. Washington Little Caps, DC   D4. Grosse Pointe Bulldogs, MI
    E1. Seacoast Spartans, NH   F1. St. Louis Blues. MO   G1. Madison Capitols, WI   H1. Philadelphia Little Flyers, PA
    E2. Mississauga  Reps, ONT   F2. Long Island Gulls, NY    G2. Winnipeg Sharks, MAN   H2. Oshawa Mnr Gens, ONT
    E3. Atlanta Fire, GA   F3. Kensington Valley Rebels, MI   G3. Huron-Perth Lakers, ONT    H3. S2 AAA, MI
    E4. Alaska All Stars, AK   F4. Team Arizona, AZ   G4. Indianapolis Racers, IN   H4. Cleveland Jr. Jacks, OH



    The tournament schedule is available for download by clicking here.

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    No recap has been provided for this tournament
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    Fri, Jan 09

    Sat, Jan 10

  • About

    4th Annual Spirit Challenge
    January 9-11, 2009

    Four (4) Games of 15-15-15 stop time periods.
    Friday and Saturday - Round Robin commences @ 8:00 am - 2 games per day
    Sunday - Four Team Semi-Final Round and Championship Game for each age division
    Recognition prizes for Game MVP and Tournament MVPS


    as of December 22, 2008


    1. ONTARIO MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION sanctioned rules shall be in effect, except where these tournament rules apply, including the use of O. M. H. A. SANCTIONED EQUIPMENT ONLY, except where out of branch Association rules are different. The Tournament Committee will rule on these where applicable.


    1. The SPIRIT CHALLENGE is for (ii) PEEWEE players aged TWELVE and (i) MINOR BANTAM players aged THIRTEEN; as of December 31, 2008.

    2. Up to TWENTY-FIVE (25) CARDED players may be registered for the tournament including AP’s. Maximum number of carded players to play each game is NINETEEN (19); 17 skaters plus 2 goaltenders per game for all age groups MINOR MIDGET and BELOW.

    3. Only players whose names are listed on the registration sheet and/or carded PRIOR TO THE FIRST TOURNAMENT GAME are eligible to play any game during the tournament.

    4. Team registration must be completed no later than one (1) hour prior to the commencement of their first game. Registration is to be completed at the arena location of your first game.

    5. Teams will be required to provide copies of the following documents when registering their team.

    (a) ALL teams will be required to provide a copy of an approved (signed) roster from their home association reflecting the names of the registered players including an approved AP roster if APs are registered as per Section 3 above.

    (b) ALL OMHA teams shall provide a copy of their permission to play form from their home association.

    (c) ALL teams outside of the OMHA will be required to provide a copy of a TRAVEL PERMIT prior to playing their first game of the tournament.

    6. TEAMS using INELIGIBLE PLAYERS will automatically lose any game played with ineligible players and the score will be entered as 1-0 in favour of the opposing team.


    1. Games will be THREE (3) FIFTEEN (15) MINUTE STOP TIME PERIODS. Floods will be completed at the beginning of the game and between the second and third period.

    2. The tournament committee holds the right to start a game up to 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time with the exception of the first game of the day. Championship games will be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure their teams are prepared to play earlier if required.

    3. HOME TEAMS on the schedules will wear white or light sweaters and the VISITING TEAMS will wear dark sweaters.

    4. There are NO TIME-OUTS in any of the games with the exception of the semi final and championship game(s). Each team will be allowed one (1) 30 second time out in the course of a game including overtime periods where applicable.

    5. OVERTIME will be played in the semi-final games and championship games only. Overtime will consist of one (1) TEN (10) MINUTE "SUDDEN DEATH" (first team to scores wins the game) stop time periods based on the following criteria. The overtime period will be played with five (5) players. If a tie still prevails after the overtime period, then a five-player shoot-out will take place. If the teams are still tied after five (5) shooters, the shoot out will continue one (1) player at a time for each team until one team scores and the other does not. Additional floods shall be at the discretion of the committee. Shooters may only shoot once until the game sheet roster has been exhausted.

    6. Points to be awarded based on the outcome of the entire game. Two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and 0 points for a loss.

    7. In the event of a tie between two (2) teams, the advancing team(s) will be determined as per (a) to (g). Where there are three (3) teams tied (b) to (g) only shall apply.

    (a) Winner of head to head game, where applicable:

    (b) Most number of wins;

    (c) Highest Percentage of "Total Goals For" divided by "Total Goals For" plus "Total Goals Against";

    (d) Most Goals For;

    (e) Least Goals Against;

    (f) Least penalty minutes as recorded on the game sheet; and

    (g) Flip of a coin between teams tied.

    8. Semi-final qualifiers will be determined based on the number of teams participating in round robin play of each age category. Please refer to the Tournament Schedule.

    9. Home teams for semi-final games will be determined by overall first and second place teams. For the final game, the highest ranked team in round robin play will be designated as the home team.

    10. Each member, to a maximum of TWENTY (20) CARDED PLAYERS and a maximum of FIVE (5) CARDED STAFF (Comprising of Coach, Trainer, Manager, Asst. Coach and Asst Trainer/Coach) of each team in the Championship Finals will be presented with awards.

    11. All penalties assessed during the tournament (suspensions, match, etc.) will be applicable in the tournament and if not fulfilled during the tournament will be carried over to league or playoff games, in accordance with the latest listed association rules.


    1. ONE STAFF MEMBER of each team MUST be in attendance with the players in the dressing rooms at all times, until the last player departs to ensure no damages occur and the rooms are left tidy.

    2. Damages to the dressing rooms or arena caused by a player, carded staff or team spectators will be the responsibility of the team howsoever caused.

    3. Audio players (radios, CD players) are permitted in the dressing rooms provided that the volume is kept at reasonable level and cannot be heard in the hallways.


    5. Players or team officials are not to enter the referee rooms either one hour prior to or after the game that they will or did take part in.


    1. The Tournament Sponsors and/or the Tournament Committee, and/or Oshawa Minor Hockey Association are not liable for any injuries (including death), damages or thefts, which take place during the tournament howsoever caused.

    2. Any player or team official that uses offensive or abusive language or gestures towards any/all Tournament Committee members may be removed from the tournament.

    3. The Tournament rules committee reserves the right to make any/all decisions on (i) the interpretation of the tournament rules; (ii) changes to round robin play based on the actual number of participating teams; and (ii) tournament objections and protests. ALL DECISIONS WILL BE FINAL.

    4. Tournament photographers are permitted on the player’s bench during game play. The photographer will advise the coaching staff in advance of the start of each period of their intentions.





  • Recap
    No recap has been provided for this tournament