Playdowns/Playoffs, Minor PeeWee, 2006-07 (Huron Perth Lakers)


The 2007 ALLIANCE Minor Peewee post-season begins February 12th and runs through to April 2nd.

At the Minor Peewee level, there are three pools: Playdown, Playoff, and Consolation.

At the end of the regular season, the top three teams from both the East and West Divisions as well as the next two highest finishing teams compete in an initial series. From these eight teams, the four teams that win their initial series move on into the Playdown pool while the other four teams move into the Playoff pool.

The bottom four teams compete in the Consolation pool.

A chart showing the three pools and how the competition narrows down to choosing the three champs is available in pdf format by clicking here.

Good luck to the Minor Peewees in the post-season!