Official Rules, 2008 Ontario Bantam AAA Championships, 2007-08 (Huron Perth Lakers)

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1. Each team may have a contingent of twenty-five (25) consisting of a maximum of nineteen (19) players, two (2) of whom must be goaltenders and a maximum of six (6) non-playing personnel, specifically Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer, Manager plus a Branch/Divisional Representative. Once the championship commences the player roster of nineteen (19) is frozen and further additions will not be granted.

2. To participate in the Ontario Bantam Championship, a team must compete in Branch or Division play downs and is declared the Branch or Division Champion. Exception: The Host Team is not required to win the Branch or Division Championship.

3. Each team must be approved and verified by the Branch/Division Executive Director and each team must be prepared to present the players Hockey Canada Registration Certificates for inspection by the Chairman of the Tournament Directorate prior to participation in the first game of the Championship.

a. Any player who is listed on the declared team roster for a team which is participating in a National or Regional Championship will not be allowed to be on the declared team roster of an affiliated team which is participating in another National or Regional Championship being played concurrently.

4. Each team may dress a maximum of nineteen (19) players including two goaltenders. The players registered as goaltenders shall be eligible to play as goaltenders only (Hockey Canada Rule 16). One alternate goaltender must be dressed and on the bench.

5. Emergency Replacements

a. Emergency replacements shall not be allowed unless otherwise approved by the Tournament Directorate.
b. A team is required to supplement its roster to the full nineteen (19) players shall choose these additions only from its club or affiliated team of a lower division, sub-division or category.
c. During the championship competition a replacement may be permitted for a goaltender that becomes ill or injured during the competition or is under suspension. The following process outlines the procedure and protocol for the use of goaltenders.

i. Two standby goaltenders will be recommended by the Host Branch to the Tournament Chair for approval. (Playing cards must be supplied).
ii. The two standby goaltenders will come under the direct jurisdiction of the Tournament Chair and will be used when a team has an ill, injured or suspended goaltender.

d. The procedure for using a standby goaltender shall be as follows:

e. A team requesting to use a standby goaltender must make a written request to the Tournament Chair through their team Representative.

f. In case of an ill or injured goaltender, a medical certificate must accompany the request.

g. A standby goaltender will remain with the team requiring his services, until no longer required. Priority of use of standby goaltenders will be decided by a coin flip prior to the start of competition by the Chair, Tournament Directorate. If more than two teams require a standby goaltender the decision of rotation of the standby goaltender’s to the teams requesting their services will be determined by the Tournament Directorate.

h. The two standby goaltenders will receive the same privileges as the other participants:

i. Accreditation
ii. Banquet Celebration Tickets
iii. Name in the souvenir program
iv. Gold, silver or bronze medals if they are part of a team winning such an award.
v. The two standby goaltenders will be recognized at the Banquet Celebration.
vi. Standby goaltender attendance at games is decided by Tournament Chair.

6. The championship will be played according to official Hockey Canada Rules except as provided for in Regulations 4 and 5.

7. SEE: Tournament Format

8. SEE: Tournament Format

9: SEE: Tournament Format

10. SEE: Tie-Breaking Procedures

11. SEE: Tie-Breaking Procedures

12. a) A suspended player shall not be eligible to take part in the opening or closing ceremonies of a tournament.

b) If a player or team official is ordered to the dressing room for the balance of the game, he/she shall be subject to any further disciplinary action deemed necessary by the Tournament Directorate.

c) A player or team official ordered to the dressing room for the balance of the game or for receiving a penalty that would require a suspension shall not take part in any closing ceremonies following the game. Should this take place during the final game of the tournament, the player or team officials shall not take part in the closing ceremonies for the tournament.

13. Unless participating in a game or by special permission of the Tournament Directorate, all players will have a curfew of 11:30 p.m.

14. The teams’ official’s headquarters hotel is out of bounds to all participating players unless special permission is granted by the Tournament Directorate.

15. The Tournament Directorate will rule on all grievances resulting from any of the Championship games. The members of the Committee shall be appointed as follows:

- The Vice Chairman at Large in charge of Minor Hockey or the Hockey Canada Minor Council Representative who shall act as the Committee Chairman.

- The Branch Minor Council members from each of the participating Branches.

In the event that both the Hockey Canada Vice Chairman at Large in charge of Minor Hockey and the Minor Council Representative are in attendance at the Championship, both shall be on the Committee with the Minor Council Representative as Committee Chairman (unless otherwise determined by the Vice Chairman at Large).

The Tournament Directorate rulings shall be final and for the duration of the Championship only.

A written report of any disciplinary action by the Tournament Directorate will be forwarded to the President of the Branch concerned.

All press releases or public statements related to disciplinary action shall be made by the Chairman of the Tournament Directorate.

Any player who is listed on the declared team roster for a team which is participating in a National or Regional Championship will not be allowed to depart from the site of the competition without the permission of the Hockey Canada person in charge of the competition.

16. Protests will NOT be entertained on the outcome of any final championship game.